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Case Studies

sailing teambuilding case studyEmployees Grow through Unique Team Building Challenge

A well-established company went through a reorganization and filled one of the key Management positions from outside the company. This new Manager inherited an established team of professionals, some with more than twelve years experience with the department. The team members were wary of the new management, concerned with how the company changes would impact their responsibilities, and struggling with new expectations.

The new manager implemented some basic strategies to get to know the team, share philosophies and create some common goals. He wanted to find a team-building event to solidify their trust in each other, and strengthen their group decision-making abilities.

The new manager contacted Witthaus Consulting and shared some of the team building and communication strategies that had been implemented to date. Witthaus Consulting took this information and tailored a Learn to Sail experience in team building with Group Decision making and a creativity exercise to build upon the team’s skills and strengths.

By the end of the day, the team was more aware of their individual strengths, and how they could be utilized to create a stronger team. The team also learned Group Decision-making techniques that could easily be utilized on future projects. Finally, the team had fun, challenged themselves and gained the confidence to meet new expectations.


  • Employees became more aware of each other’s strengths.
  • Employees learn Group Decision making techniques.
  • Employees gained confidence and trust in another.

Witthaus Consulting helps Growing Company solve HR-related Growing Pains

A small business grew to over 60 employees in a five year period. Their management team shared several functions, including employee relations, hiring and staffing decisions. Looking ahead, they realized their shared approach to employee matters was becoming more challenging as the business grew.

The company needed to formalize more policies and procedures to ensure consistency, fairness and meet legal requirements. In addition, the company needed to determine how best to manage their Human Resource functions — hire an HR administrator, or outsource these functions to a consultant.

Uneasy about which strategies they should employ to meet their short and long-term needs, they contacted Witthaus Consulting.

Witthaus Consulting started with a brief audit of their current employee relations’ practices. Then, Witthaus Consulting developed a short-term plan to formalize an Employee Handbook of policies, procedures and job descriptions, including recommendations for recruiting and staffing models.

As part of a long-term plan, Witthaus Consulting worked with management to create an employee engagement strategy, including options for recognition and reward, set up career path opportunities to match their growth, and succession planning. Witthaus Consulting partnered to meet their short-term needs, and prepared them to successfully manage their long-term growth.


  • Created & communicated formalized employee policies, procedures and job descriptions.
  • Formalized a long-term plan for employee engagement, career paths and succession planning.

New Manager Learns to Communicate & Lead Effectively

A local manufacturing company had promoted one of their established, successful technical employees into a Management position. The employee had several years of company experience, a strong technical background and was well liked by peers. After a few months in the position, it became clear that there were some issues and frustrations on the part of the manager and their direct reports. Morale and productivity were suffering and it was determined the manager needed some assistance to successfully negotiate the change.

The company contacted Witthaus Consulting to provide coaching for this manager, and a basic training plan for their potential management candidates. Witthaus Consulting utilized a series of assessments such as MBTI, Emerging Leaders Coaching framework and DISC Communications to help the manager recognize their personal leadership style as well as their communication preferences. Craig also helped the manager develop more effective strategies of communication and collaboration with his team to improve morale and productivity.

Finally, Witthaus Consulting developed a formal Management Training plan, utilizing some of these basic assessments and teambuilding training to ensure potential new managers have the tools to make immediate contributions to the company’s success.


  • Improved management effectiveness and communication with direct reports.
  • Developed Management Training plan for new managers.

Craig immediately understood the issues we were facing, and guided us through each of the alternatives. We can now focus on building for the future!

SVP & COO, First State Bank and Trust

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