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human resources servicesFast changing environments require team members to be flexible, adaptable, and open to new methodologies. Solutions for creating a strong work force can range from introducing more Human Resource structure to your small business, to creating a formal plan of action for training, development and succession planning to meet long-term needs.

Witthaus Consulting works with our clients to evaluate the current situation, identify key issues and determine alternatives to address current and future needs. We also provide insights and perspective to help you prioritize the most critical actions needed to ensure success.

Evaluation Tools
Witthaus Consulting provides human resource audits, organizational development evaluations, and communication and teambuilding tools to help your company operate better.

Education Seminars
Witthaus Consulting provides education seminars on a variety of topics that are tailored for your organization’s objectives.

Training & Leadership Development
Witthaus Consulting helps improve strategic decision-making, communication and enhance awareness of what is needed to create, lead, and participate in high performing work teams.

Human Resource Management
Through careful observation and evaluation of crucial organization-wide metrics, we work with you to isolate problem areas, recommend effective and efficient alternatives and maximize results.

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Craig immediately understood the issues we were facing, and guided us through each of the alternatives. We can now focus on building for the future!

SVP & COO, First State Bank and Trust

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