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Improving your Workforce and HR Processes

Witthaus Consulting provides a variety of services to improve your organization’s effectiveness by strengthening people and processes to ensure successful business outcomes. Craig Witthaus has over 25 years of experience in management, supervision, team-building, coaching, and human resource effectiveness, with small and large companies. He utilizes his background in manufacturing, business and education to provide targeted analysis of key opportunities, and offer solutions, which will provide the most immediate impact on your people, minimize complexities, and ensure desirable results.

Common Problems Solved by Witthaus Consulting include:

  • Improving Communication & Cooperation by Teams.
  • Enhancing Human Resource functions such as staffing, compensation, & future planning.
  • Developing and Leveraging existing talent, and adding new skills and abilities.

Human Resource Audits

Start with a Human Resources process and practice evaluation. Witthaus Consulting will help you better understand your current HR situation and identify opportunities for improvement.

Leadership Development

Challenge your teams to adopt higher levels of trust and cooperation! Sign up for our fun, unique “Sailing Teambuilder” and discover new collaboration on and off the water!

Education Seminars

Witthaus Consulting provides education seminars tailored to your specific needs. Choose from available topics or work with Witthaus Consulting for a customized seminar.

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